zoning and the golf estate

Mount Compass Golf Course Estate is currently zoned Neighbourhood and Recreational  view

Previous to Phase Three of the new planning code in March 2021, Alexandrina Council was the main authority on planning and development.

The 11 Feb 2021 Alexandrina Council Development Plan was the last before the new planning code, and was similar to previous editions.

The 11 Feb 2021 Alexandrina Council Development Plan can be downloaded here or via here.  Click on images to zoom in, and hover over them for page numbers.

Transferring to the new code is intended to be on a like-for-like basis - meaning, development that could be done in 2020, should be similar what could be done under the new code in 2021.

Stephen Connor in his various submissions has focused on the residential zoning before the new code, but this was only one of several development controls.

Those particularly relevant to planning around the golf estate are:

Zone Areas

Policy Areas

Concept Plans

The zoning of the Golf Course was indeed Residential, as Mr Connor has highlighted.  However, it was only one of several developmental controls.  

The Concept Plan Map Alex/13 shows most of the golf course estate as Recreational/Golf Course. 
Note also Area A.

The golf estate fell under the Mount Compass Golf Course Policy Area 20 with the objectives of : 

“primarily accommodating recreational land use activities, complemented by low-density residential development

relevant controls of Policy Area 20:

- “A key element of the policy area is the landscape character established by the open and well landscaped golf course, together with the surrounding rural areas”

- detached dwellings at low densities in keeping with the country living character will be clustered within the policy area, as identified within Concept Plan Map Alex/13 - Golf Course Development (Mount Compass), with the remainder of the policy area retained for the golf course enhanced by extensive provision of open space

- “views to the policy area are important

click on the images below to view the relevant pages:

Finally, a look at the 2014 version of the Development Plan will find it essentially the same as the 2021 version with regards to the golf estate.   review here

most of golf course is zoned as Recreation/Golf Course (in green), Residential (in red), and Area A